Gabriella van Rij

International Activist, Author and Speaker

Gabriella passionately addresses one major global concern: “that we as a society have dropped the ball on Human Kindness,” TM and in doing so we are letting our children down, perpetuating intolerance, bigotry, racism, and rudeness for future generations. Bullying and cyber-torment do not only happen in schools. Bullying has become an epidemic that has spread to all parts of our society. It has infiltrated our schools, workplaces, communities, homes, churches, and our governments.

As a public speaker and author, Gabriella is that voice to counteract this epidemic by provoking YOU to accept the uniqueness of each individual. “Dare to be kind” TM

The ball of Human Kindness is on its way to the White House to see our Commander in Chief…  where Gabriella will propose a method on how to responsibly behave on social media (read more). “Think of the ball as representing a child,” says Gabriella. “Each time we drop it, it is important to pick it up quickly before we lose more lives due to bullying and cyber-torment.”

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The Dr. Phil Show asked Gabriella to be an expert anti-bullying guest to address the topic of suicides due to bullying and slut shaming.

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