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Track the Ball of Kindness from California to the White House



March 2014:
We have been with the ball in North Carolina and have done 5 TV Media

February 2014:
We finished a tour in California doing schools.
Interview with Gloria Greer in Palm Springs
Done a private interview with a young girl who has been bullied and who is turning her pain into helping and serving others.
A personal break in Florida as I lost my own personal guardian angel Helen.
Atalanta, Austin, Houston, Dallas were on the calendar.
Oklahoma City and Tulsa were next where I got to meet a wonderful man Matthew who is passionate about Human Trafficking which is near and dear to my own heart.


Merry Christmas to the Ball of Human Kindness

My christmas wish for 2013, “for all of us to BE the difference!”
The ball of Kindness wishes you a Merry Christmas